3 Key Features to Include in a Health Insurance App

Technology and mobile applications have always been perfect for increasing productivity and efficiency. The health insurance sector is one that has greatly benefited from this trend, more resources than ever being focused on developing applications. In case you want to build a health insurance app we have prepared a list with some key features that you should consider including if you want to succeed.

How Great Features Can Impact Your App

In order to set yourself apart from your competitors and build a great app, you have to do something different. Having great features that all of your users will find valuable and helpful is the best way to ensure the long-term success of your mobile application.

By creating a health insurance app with features that can’t be found anywhere else on the market, you can easily ensure that more of your users will become loyal clients. By having a great retention rate you can increase your sales and grow your insurance business.

However, besides building an app with great features right out of the box, you have to also maintain it and make sure to update your features constantly. Introducing new app features regularly will ensure that your clients remain loyal on the long-term.

Features to Include

Document Storage and Sharing

When it comes to health insurance mobile applications and their use case scenarios, being able to share, store and access documents instantly right within the app is a big advantage. This access to electronic records through an app is the key feature that most users would want to see in a health insurance app.

The days of using paper for everything are almost over. Although electronic records are not the norm right now, they are starting to get adopted by more and more institutions, diminishing the need for using paper.

Document storage and sharing is such a popular feature across all health mobile apps because of its increased practicality. Being able to fill in any form, and access any health-related document through the app is very appealing to users since it can save them a lot of time.

Even if electronic documents are safer and more practical than paper ones since the risk of getting them lost or forgotten is smaller, such a feature requires a strong security implementation. Considering the sensitive nature of those documents, using end-to-end encryption to ensure protection is a must.

In-app Payments

Mobile and internet payments have started to become more and more popular considering how practical they are compared to the traditional payment methods. Being able to proceed a payment through the click of a single button and without having to carry any cash with you is starting to become increasingly appealing.

Giving your users the possibility of seeing all of your insurance plans, pick and pay for one directly through the app could increase your sales significantly considering how convenient the whole process would be. This removes the need for setting up appointments, negotiating and only then proceeding the payments.

Moreover, if the clients already have an insurance plan at you, allowing them to renew it, instantly, through the app might end up improving your user retention rate. As great as all of the benefits sound, ensuring that the payment gateway is secure and that the third party processing the payment is trusted represents a priority.

Live Support and Chat

Considering how effective texting is when compared to calling, more and more people are starting to rely on text chats solely, for productivity purposes. As great as an in-app calling feature might be, the possibility of interacting with the staff directly through texts could represent a great selling point.

Such a feature would diminish any need for spending time in-person, allowing users to book appointments and exchange opinions with the staff directly. Managers, instead of having to spend a lot of time talking to a single client, they can now interact with multiple users through texts whenever they have the time.

Having a chatbot or a real human prepared to answer all of the user’s questions regarding the app, health insurance plans or anything else would also be a great feature that could save managers a lot of time as well.


Health insurance mobile applications can represent a great tool for improving the communication between clients and managers, saving them both a lot of time and energy. If you’re thinking about developing such an app, including all of the three features mentioned above is a must.

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Why Medical Device Software Is The Future of Healthcare

Working in healthcare, you probably already understand the financial pressure placed on this industry due to increasing costs every year.

In 2018 alone, the US government predicted that health-related costs will grow by 5.5%, up from the $3.6 trillion we spent in 2017. These increases are attributed to an aging population and a higher prevalence of chronic disease among Americans everywhere.

It isn’t just the state of our health that is leading to an increase in healthcare costs.

It’s also the shift from a fee-for-service healthcare model to one that is value-based which, in and on itself, will likely lead to cost increases.  

But when we also consider the ever-evolving demands from customers interested in inter-connected health experiences, we are bound to see costs rise dramatically before they are stabilized.  

And all this, in a context in which the U.S. will soon reach 20% of GDP, way more than any other country in the world.

Against this backdrop, it should come as no surprise that according to a recent survey, 400 C-level healthcare executives from around the world believe that digital transformation is the primary factor that will redefine the delivery of care in our country and, hopefully, control costs.

In fact, many technological advances, albeit in the early stages of the digital transformation, are already redefining healthcare business models.

One such technology is what the industry has now labeled as ‘medical device software’.

The term originated in the early 1980s, but the term has only become popular among industry insiders over the last five years.

And here’s the simple reality: medical device software solutions on the market today are currently responsible for performing specific tasks that we never deemed possible in the past.

Additionally, various modern medical devices now include wireless communication technologies and have become integral components of a new technological wave known as the internet of things (IoT).

IoT protocols allow for medical devices to be operated from anywhere. They also allow for previously inert objects — smart watches, insulin pens, connected inhalers or even ingestible sensors to “come to life” via complex software solutions, which provide patients and doctors alike with critical insights around someone’s medical conditions.

Just think of the ECG app for the Apple Watch Series 4 — a perfect example of IoT, where a physical device leverages a complex software to record users’ heartbeat and then check for atrial fibrillation and heart irregularities.

Or the Omron’s HeartGuide smartwatch that allows users to take their blood pressure on the go and then use a mobile app to check on their health, get alerted if their blood pressure is too high or too low, and get insights into how to control their blood pressure.

These — and many other similar examples — point to a new trend.

We’re witnessing the democratization of healthcare, which is primarily driven by the rise in popularity of interconnected technologies that operated on top of existing medical devices.

Let’s look at medical device software solutions in more details.

How The Healthcare Industry Is Adapting To Meet Modern Patient Needs

Nowadays, patients are becoming more and more demanding when it comes to their health experience. This includes their interactions with doctors, treatment options, medical recovery and even day to day management of chronic conditions.

Consumer demands and the launch of various medical treatment options coming from tech companies versus industry insiders has definitely taken the healthcare sector by surprise.

And that is a good thing! Competition — especially in the healthcare space — can only lead to more amazing and innovative innovations that will ultimately positively impact all our lives.

In light of this, the healthcare industry must now invest in new technologies and interconnected experiences that will allow them to remain competitive and relevant in the years to come. At the center of many of these innovations we find the medical device software.

Here are some specific examples:

How Physicians Benefit From Medical Advice Software

Medical device software is redefining how physicians operate when it comes to identifying, treating and managing conditions.

With various devices becoming extremely popular in recent times, many physicians now have access to data analytics that can help them make sense of patients’ symptoms.

Or, even better, some patients are proactively visiting doctors after they’ve already used consumer-oriented solutions that provided them with insights and a recommendation to visit their primary physician.

Medical Device Software

For example, according to a recent press release, the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center has teamed up with Imaware, a at-home testing platform for chronic illness and disease. The company sends patients a home kit, which allows them to collect blood in a small vial and send it back to Imaware for testing. After the lab analyze the blood samples, patients receive a digital report on their well being which can be printed or forwarded to their primary physician.

But the most important aspect of solutions like Imaware is that the final blood testing report is designed in such a way that ordinary people can understand.

The blood test results are fed into their software solution, which then interprets the data collected and “translates” it into simple recommendations.

This is very similar, in many ways, to how ancestry solutions like 23andme provide automated reports informing users if they are at risk of specific conditions to their genetic profile.

The ability of medical device software to transfer data is one of the key features of medical devices, according to Orthogonal. When health data is shared among health professionals, one of the biggest challenges in today’s healthcare system, various experts can make more informed decisions about a patient’s wellbeing and detect life threatening conditions sooner.

Medical device software also allows professionals to receive real-time data that can help identify whether patients’ symptoms are stable, or have worsened over time, which can help to dictate the planned treatment.


As digital innovations continue to become more prevalent in the healthcare space, medical device software should definitely stay at the forefront of our minds.

Not only can medical device software solutions increase patient satisfaction levels and professional efficiency, but they can also help reduce costs for uninsured and underinsured patients.

The advancement of this remarkable technology in such a short period of time shows both its current applications and its future potential. Medical device software should also be considered as a candidate for transmitting valuable patient data across multiple platforms in a seamless and secure way.

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Discover The Best Free Video Editing websites

Video contents have a significant role in the modern business concept like B2B or B2C. The converting rate of a blog post with a promotional video and without a video has a huge difference. Videos can boost the sale more than a hundred times of your products.

Fortunately, we are gifted by a vast number of video editing websites. Though all of them are not free, you can do your basic editing with a free one for Windows, Mac, IOS or Android operating system. Without video editing websites we never get our expected video whether it is quality or ratio. 

In this article, we provide you

  • Basic Overview.
  • Popular and Highlighted features.
  • Details of free and paid options.

Please note that here we reviewed some premium software those who have limited trial edition like for a single project or a time basis. After that, you need to buy the product for your commercial use. We have highlighted the paid options so that you need not waste your time or money for the wrong one.

Discover Free Video Editing websites in 2019

So, let’s start the talk on free video editing websites without further ado.



Shotcut is an open source video editor. Windows, Mac, and Linux support it.


  • It is completely Free and open-source editing software.

Freemium Features

  • It supports a wide range of video formats.
  • Exclusive audio features.
  • Plenty of video effects
  • Editing features
  • You need not to import your required file. It allows timeline editing.
  • It supports Blackmagic Design for preview monitoring
  • and input.
  • The 4K resolution supported.
  • Tutorials are available on YouTube.



Blender is a popular, free and open source video editing website. It smoothly runs on Windows, Linux and Mac operating systems. If you need 3D based video editing software, Blender is perfect because it provides 3D-based rigging, modeling, animation, rendering, simulation, game creation and video editing for any purpose like education and commercial purpose.


  • Freemium
  • open source

Free Features

  • By using this software, you can cut, mixing, speed control, audio mixing and splicing your video.
  • Additionally, you will get unique features like modeling, rendering, VFX, simulation, animation, pipeline, scripting, game creation and many more.

3. VSDC Free Video Editor


VSDC is only for windows operating video editing software.

Freemium option

  • No limitation on download and editing in VSDC
  • Completely free without a trial period.
  • No watermarks on videos
  • No ads

Premium option

  • For technical support, you have to pay $10 for free choice.
  • It will cost $19.99 for the premium version.

Premium Features:

  • Non-linear video editor
  • Audio and Visual effects are into five categories: correction of color, the transformation of an object, transition effects, filter object, and special effects.
  • Blending Modes
  • Filters like Instagram
  • Easy Creation of different shaped masks for hiding, blurring or highlighting some aspects of the video.
  • Application of special effects on the masked area.
  • Easy exportations for social media and networks.



Lightworks is a professional video editing software. It provides you SD and HD with up to 4K video resolution.

Free Option

  • Free license limited to 1080P video export.
  • No AJA or Blackmagic camera option.
  • Export option limited.
  • You can’t export 4K resolution.

Premium Option

Pro license of Lightworks including Boris Graffiti and FX packages will costs-

  • $25 per month
  • $175 per year
  • $438 outright

Features Including-

  • Simple and User-friendly Interface
  • Trimming and timeline editing are easy.
  • Built-in ready to use audio and video option.
  • Royalty-free FX access to with audio and video content.
  • For YouTube/Vimeo low-resolution Proxy workflows for 4K export video with SD/HD quality.
  • A to Z Video tutorials of Lightworks through YouTube channel.


5. DaVinci Resolve


DaVinci Resolve is a professional editing tool for video and audio editing for SD, HD, and Ultra HD quality.

Free option

  • DaVinci Resolve 15 version is entirely free

Paid option

  • DaVinci Resolve 15 Studio version is available for $299 for a lifetime.


  • You can Professionally edit your videos with correction of color and audio for SD, HD, and Ultra HD quality output at up to 60 frames/second.
  • Virtual imaginable editing and trimming tool is available.
  • Fairlight audio tool with full feature including in the same software for color and audio correction.
  • You can parallelly work with Picture editors, colorists, and sound editors.
  • Supported by Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Video tutorials are available on their YouTube channel.



Filmora is a popular video editing website. It is supported by Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.

Free option

  • You can use the trial version with the watermark.

Premium option

  • One-year License will cost for $44.99
  • You can buy the Lifetime license for $59.99
  • For the Multi-users lifetime license where you can use 2-5 PCs for $179.97


  • You can edit your video by 4K resolution with GIF support.
  • Special features are the removal of noise, color tuning, reverse option, and camera shake effects.
  • Import from Social media
  • The advantage of Precision speed control
  • Pan, zoom, 1:1 & portrait Support and frame by frame preview.
  • Advance text editing and audio mixer opportunity. Screen recording convenience.
  • You will find the Video tutorials available on Filmora’s YouTube channel.

7. iMovie


iMovie is an apple-based video editing software. By using this software, you can edit video on your iPhone or iPad. Moreover, you can give the finishing touch by your mac.


  • It is entirely free for macOS and iOS

Free Features

  • There are dozens of built-in styles, animated titles, and credit.
  • You can edit or create your unique video with picture-in-picture and split screen effects.
  • You will find ten creative video filters, Built-in music, voiceover, and sound effects. By which you can add a cinematic touch to your video.

8. Camtasia


Camtasia is a popular and frequently used video editing software for customizing, editing and screen recording.

Freemium option

  • 30-day free trial
  • premium option
  • for Single-user license for $199.00
  • for Upgrading current permit for $99.50

Extra Features

  • You can Record your screen, editing and adding effects.
  • For training purpose, it very useful as you can record mouse movements, add notes and show keystrokes.
  • In Camtasia, it is a just drug and drops like easy to make video, motion graphics and music tracks.
  • For slide video, Camtasia is best.
  • You can Create engaging and educational videos.

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Cartier Watches: Masterpieces And Symbol Of Elegance Around The World

Watches! They may seem like relics but truth be told a watch is a mark of a great person who values their time. Cartier watches are a mark of quality. These watches are produced by Cartier International, a company whose entire goal is the manufacturing of watches and jewelry. You may ask, why get a Cartier watch? Well, here are some of the main reasons why it is the best product.

The company that produces Cartier watches is one of the best watch making companies in the world. Cartier has been in production since the year 1847. The watches are as a result of a genius idea by one Louis-François Cartier and with time they have become timepieces that are a masterpiece and symbol of elegance around the world.

Originally, known as the king of jewelers, Cartier timepieces were and still are seen around the wrists of the monarchs. With over 200 stores in 125 countries stocking these timepieces, production of Cartier timepieces is on the rise and it seems there is no stopping them. In fact, in the year 2018, the Cartier brand was rated as the 59th most prestigious watch brand in the world. Let’s take a look at the kind of watches that are available at Cartier.

There are both men and women Cartier watches in stores all over the world. Let’s take a look at the variety of Cartier watches available.

Cartier For Women

The original wristwatches created by Cartier were targeted to women. The female population found out the ease of the watch and simple clad elegance that the watch brought with them. As a result, feminine customers have had a large variety of watches to suit each ones tastes. From the small models for the woman on the go to the medium models Cartier has got you covered.

Cartier watches also come with two options. In case you want a particular model among the variety of watches, you get to choose between the steel watches or the leather watches of the same brand. In addition, these watches are customized for female clients and have pink gold, yellow gold, diamonds and sapphires depending on the customer’s style.

The timepieces for women also sport a distinctive feature in them. They all have a trademarked panther on the dial. Some of the common Cartier timepieces for women include:

  • Panthère de Cartier
  • Pasha de Cartier
  • Baignoire de Cartier
  • Tank de Cartier
  • Ballon Bleu de Cartier

Male Cartier watches

The Cartier has a wide collection of male watches. And yes, they also have the option of all steel or leather watches so there’s a type for everyone. The watches have sizes that are male friendly starting at 42mm going lower. Popular male Cartier watches include:

  • Caliber de Cartier
  • Rotonde de Cartier
  • Drive De Cartier
  • Santos De Cartier

The Dials

Cartier watches have three types of dials on them. The dark dial for those who love dark and demure colors, the light dial for the clients who love brightness in their watches and finally, colored dials for the client who would love a splash of color on their timepiece.

Customized Timepieces By Cartier

Among other lovely factors about Cartier watches is the availability of customization. Cartier allows their clients to customize their watches from the straps to the interiors. This means that clients have the luxury to have a say in how they want their watches to be presented in order to suit different needs.


All Cartier watches are authentic. They take time to manufacture and are passionately made for growth and each piece gets the same attention during production as the next. This is why Cartier produces some of the highest rated timepieces in the world. It is advisable to get Cartier watches from a trusted dealer to avoid being swindled.

Fair prices

While Cartier timepieces would be considered expensive, the design and materials used to create them make them a worthwhile investment. Prices also reflect the work done on each time piece as each is crafted meticulously with the customer in mind.


Cartier is the timepiece that has continually beaten the odds by their growth in production and standard upkeep. If you want an elegant wrist watch, then there is no need to look any further than Cartier.

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Digital Technologies Set to Disrupt the Healthcare by 2030

Healthcare is changing, fast. Sure, the industry is still struggling with “digital transformation,” but it’s only a matter of time before the landscape changes exponentially.

Take the United States, for instance.  The national health expenditure accounted for a staggering $3.2 trillion in 2015. Now, that’s almost eighteen percent of the country’s total Gross Domestic Product (GDP). And, indications are that the digital revolution can help drive down spending in the sector by a whopping $300 billion.

Indeed, it makes perfect sense to bring in new technology to the industry. Here’s a rundown of what’s likely to shape the sector over the next decade and beyond.

USB Digital Microscopes

Microscope technology dates back to 1625 when Francesco Stelluti made the first unit. Digital models take it a notch higher, with the inclusion of cameras and USB capabilities. Now, medical practitioners can magnify and measure images in real time. That way, it is possible to document the progression of an organism’s cycle over an extended period. Of course, the ripple effect is that scientists can understand the primary cause of illnesses better and how to formulate a cure that works.

On top of that, doctors can feed USB microscope information to a computer for 3D printing. And, in the coming years, 3D printing will be a game changer.  It will allow surgeons to prints organs such as the heart, liver, kidney and so on, dramatically reducing surgery and transplantation times.


Many doctors agree that telemedicine provides a better, convenient way to manage chronic ailments compared to traditional office visits. Why is this the case? Well, because it offers both the physician and the patient freedom and accessibility.  In other words, patients don’t need to be in a specific location to get the services of a medical specialist.

More than that, telemedicine can help save money and time. See, with the new technology, it will no longer be necessary to stick to routine follow-up visits. Instead, you can make a conference call, inquire about your prescription and any other advice that you may need.

Cloud Access and Mobility

Have you ever had a back and forth with your doctors as you wait for test results? It’s tiring and monotonous, right? Well, that’s changing, thanks to mobility and cloud access.

Statistics indicate that in the next couple of years, more than sixty-five percent of interaction with doctors and health care provides will occur via mobile devices.

Think of it – almost every other doctor owns a smartphone and is likely to use a medical app. Further, more than seventy percent access drug information on their smart devices regularly. What does that tell you? It implies that file rooms and papers charts will be a thing of the past soon. Plus, hospitals and doctor’s offices, as well as insurance companies, now store their client’s records in the cloud, enabling patients to access test results round the clock.


Do you remember back when going to your local grocery store and reading your blood pressure at one those old machines was super exciting? Well, that’s not the scenario nowadays. State-of-the-art wearables can perform DIY blood tests and ECGs. Even more impressive, they can double up as thermometers.

You can now get prompts to check your weight, oxygen levels, pulse and feed the results into your mobile portals. The best part? You can transfer the results to your doctor in real time. The information, when updated regularly, can help detect illness such as heart disease and cancer, thereby helping save lives.

Artificial Intelligence

Big data drives the digital world, and that’s the case in healthcare. Sure, information can help gauge customer satisfaction. But, most importantly, it can come in handy when trying to identify the causes of diseases and suggest preventative remedies.

Of course, the rise of the Internet of Medical Things (IoMT), wearables and mobile devices is helping doctors and researchers come up with cohesive, actionable reports geared toward getting a cure for chronic disease such as cancer.

In Conclusion

The trends are changing in healthcare as digital technology takes center stage. While hospitals are synonymous with long waits and high costs, patients are now taking the driver’s seat. With smooth access to high-quality doctors, the overall customer satisfaction rate will rise in the coming years.

Even though digitization will change how health care looks, it holds promise for everyone.  Besides, the reality is – no likes the idea of visiting the doctor twice or thrice every week while you can do it from the comfort of your smartphone.

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How to set up a VPN on an iPhone

Getting a VPN for iPhone is a fantastic way to gain digital privacy. With a VPN, your web traffic is encrypted meaning that nobody can track what you do online. A VPN lets you unblock censored or geo-restricted content.

With so much on offer, it is easy to understand why VPNs are becoming one of the most sought after iOS apps on the market. So, how do you install a VPN for iOS and get it working at optimal levels?

Once you have decided on a VPN for iOS you are ready to set it up. The first thing to do is download the software and login using your credentials.

1. Choose your encryption protocol

Once the app has successfully logged you in, click on the settings icon. Navigate to the encryption options and opt for either OpenVPN encryption or IKEv2. These are the leading VPN protocols for privacy and security. If your VPN app does not provide OpenVPN – but you prefer to use it – you will need to install the third party OpenVPN Connect app.

OpenVPN is recognized as the leading VPN protocol for privacy and security, but it is not yet widely implemented on VPN apps for iOS. This is because IKEv2 is robust and the developer tools for iOS apps much it tricky to implement OpenVPN.

The choice is yours. However,  if you want to connect via OpenVPN you will need to check that OpenVPN is available – either natively in the VPN app or using OpenVPN config files – before you purchase a subscription. If the VPN provides access to the config files, then you will be able to successfully connect to any server location using the official OpenVPN Connect app.

2. Enable the killswitch and DNS leak protection

If your VPN provides a killswitch, turn it on at this stage. A killswitch is designed to stop you leaking any unencrypted data to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) should the VPN connection fail. A killswitch is a slightly rarer feature on iOS VPN apps. However, if it is available, it is always worth switching on if digital privacy is important to you.

The same goes for DNS leak protection. DNS leaks can destroy your privacy, so if the VPN has a DNS leak protection option; be sure to enable it.

3. Enable auto-connect on WiFi

If you want to ensure your VPN always connects automatically when you join an unknown WiFi network, this setting will help. Not all VPNs have this feature, so you may need to remember to connect to the VPN yourself when you come across WiFi hotspots.

Remember that your iPhone may be able to connect to unprotected networks automatically. So either switch your WiFi off until you are ready to use a public WiFi hotspot (this will also save your battery) or rely on the VPN’s auto-connect on WiFi feature to protect you.

4. Choose an optimal server location

Always select a server that is closer to you. If you need a VPN connections in a particular country, in the US, for example, then select a server either on the East or West coast depending what is closer.

If the content you wish to unblock is only blocked locally by an employer, for example  – connect to a server within your own country. This will guarantee better connection speeds.

If the content is blocked by your IPS on behalf of the government, you will need to connect to a VPN server outside of your country. In these cases connecting to a server in neighbouring if possible.

5. Test your VPN’s speeds

VPN servers become slower if they are congested, so be sure to try a few servers that are close to you to get the best speeds. To check speeds on the fly, you can use online speed test tools to check the speeds on various nearby servers.

6. Check for IP leaks and DNS leaks

Not every VPN is good for privacy and security which is why websites like BestVPN.com are so useful. They provide trusted reviews that carefully audit VPNs for leaks.

Despite this, the best thing to do is periodically check for leaks yourself. Sites like ipleak.org allow you to check a VPN is concealing your IP address is not suffering from DNS or WebRTC leaks that would ruin your protection.

Learning to check this yourself will give you a deeper understanding of how the VPN is performing, which is a great skill to develop in the long term!


Ray Walsh is a VPN reviewer at BestVPN.com. Ray is currently no.1 VPN & no.7 Internet Privacy authority in the world according to rating website Agilience.com. Ray’s expert digital privacy opinions have appeared in The Express, Washington Post, Market Watch, Threat Post, and CNET to name a few.

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How To Make Windows Narrator Stop – Step By Step With pictures

Windows provides you a lot of features for the convenience of its users. Windows Narrator is a program which reads out lout your screen. It is more like an audio guide for the screen. This tool is quite helpful in many ways. The Windows Narrator can read your whole screen in any language of your choice. In fact, Windows narrator can read the screen in 40 languages.

It can read the browser’s tabs, your screen, pop up boxes, messages, and even the images. There are many other things that Windows narrator can read for you.

Must visitHow To Change Password Of Windows 10 Laptop Step By Step With Screenshots

Windows provides you control on how would you like to use Windows narrator and what would you want it to read out loud for you. There are some shortcut key combos that you can use while using the Windows Narrator.

You can easily customize the Windows Narrator’s settings like adjusting the voice, pitch, speed, select whether you would like to hear words as you type, speak narrator errors, hear audio cues when you perform an action, hear hints on how to interact with controls and buttons and so on.

Though Windows narrator is quite helpful but you might not want it to always read your screen as it might get irritating when you don’t require it. Sometimes you accidentally start the Windows Narrator while logging in to your Windows but struggle to turn it off later.

Turning off Windows Narrator is a piece of cake. It is as easy to turn it off as to start it. All, you need to do is to follow a few simple steps and you would get rid of Windows Narrator.

In Windows 10, just press Windows logo key+Ctrl+Enter to turn off the Windows Navigator.

For other versions of Windows, simply press Windows logo key+Enter to turn off the navigator. As simple as that.

Top 10 Screen Sharing Software Like TeamViewer For Windows

However, if you are still unable to turn off the Windows Navigator or would like to turn it off permanently then kindly follow the below guide. This would surely make the Windows Navigator stop. Let’s have a look at the process.

Steps To Make Windows Narrator Stop

To stop or turn off the Windows narrator you need to follow the below steps. You can easily stop the WIndows narrator with this simple guide.

  1. So, for turning off or disabling the Windows narrator, you have to go to Ease of Access Center on your system. For the same, enter Ease Of Access in the search box or use Cortana for helping you out in opening ease of access window. Or you can just go to Control panel>>Ease Of Access Center
    Make Windows Narrator Stop
  2. When you find this option in the search result, simply click on it. Now select ease Of access center as shown in the image below.
    Make Windows Narrator Stop
  3. In the Explore all settings panel, select Use the computer without the display option.
    Make Windows Narrator Stop
  4. Here you would find the options to turn on the Windows Narrator. So, uncheck these options and at last, hit the OK button. That’s all you have to do. It will turn off the Windows narrator instantly. You can also restart your computer and remove the Windows narrator icon from your taskbar.

What is Disk Defragmentation? Benefits of Disk Defragmentation. How To Defragment Your Windows 10 Hard Drive

This was the easy process for disabling the Windows Narrator. So, whenever you want to turn off the Windows Narrator due to any reason, simply follow this simple method and get your work done quickly. Hope the article as helpful for you.

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Top 7 Best DNS Benchmarking Tools

You must be aware of the DNS server. It is provided by your ISP provider and resolves the IP address of the website you just typed. But if you think that the DNS provided by your ISP is the fastest one then you are totally wrong.

It may or may not be the fastest DNS server. It might not even be a secure and reliable DNS server or won’t be the huge one like OpenDNS or Google Public DNS.

So how would you know which is the fastest DNS server so that you can connect to it? Well, there are some third-party services available which let you test various DNS servers and provides you the fastest DNS servers. So, let’s have a look at them and know how to use these tools.

Best DNS Benchmarking Tools To Find The Fastest DNS Server

DNS Jumper

DNS Jumper is one of the best and popular DNS benchmarking tools. You would love how small this application is. Along with small file size, it takes only a few minutes to install this DNS benchmarking tool on your system. Only a single click and the software will be installed successfully.

DNS Benchmarking

If I talk about its interface and working, then I am very impressed by it because it’s so easy to use it. Its simple interface and easy to use features make it a wonderful DNS benchmarking tool. Even if you are using any DNS benchmarking software for the first time, it wouldn’t be difficult for you to get started with it.

DNS Benchmarking

When you first launch the software, you would see a small window with some options. So, test the DNS servers, it has a dedicated button for the same. You just have to click on the Fastest DNS Server button as shown in the above image. It will take you to another page, where you can see a complete list of DNS servers. Simply select all the servers and hit Start DNS test button. Within a few seconds, it will show you the fastest DNS server. You have to select that server and hit the Apply DNS sever button and that’ all. This DNS benchmarking also lets you create DNS server groups very easily. If you want then you can also apply the custom DNS servers. The tool is totally free to use.

DNS Benchmark

You can also use GRF’s DNS benchmark software for testing the DNS servers with ease. This DNS benchmarking tool is also a small size software which is only 164KB. If you want to have a comprehensive DNS report then DNS benchmark is just for you. Just like the previous DNS benchmarking tool, it is also quite easy to use. With DNS benchmark you can find up to 200 publicly available DNS and connect one of them. It also includes the DNS you are using currently or the default one provided by your ISP provider. You can even shorten the server list and it allows you to add your own DNS too.

DNS Benchmarking

Using DNS benchmark is also quite easy. Install the software on your system and run it. For the DNS benchmarking, under the name server section, simply hit the Run Benchmark button. It will start evaluating the DNS servers. DNS benchmarking in this software takes a little longer time as it evaluates many things including cached names, uncached name, DotCom lookup and so on. Once the DNS benchmarking is done, it will provide you results with the fastest DNS servers at the top.

The Tabular Data section provides you the complete comprehensive information. You can add your own DNS servers if you don’t find the one you were looking for with the Add/remove button. So, it is also an amazing DNS benchmarking tool available free of cost.


Here comes another DNS benchmarking tool named Namebench. This DNS benchmarking software is one of the oldest and popular DNS benchmarking tools. The software is quite simple and user-friendly. It is portable, small-sized and free just like the other mentioned DNS benchmarking tools in this list. You can get this DNS benchmarking for MacOS as well.

DNS Benchmarking

Namebench lets you do censorship checks on the DNS servers. It provides you the best and fastest DNS available based on the are you are living so that you get the best speed on the internet. The thing which this DNS benchmarking lack is that you can’t add your own DNS servers, instead, you would have to manually enter them every time you want to benchmark the DNS servers using Namebench.


You can also use DNSPerf for testing the speed of the DNS servers and choose the fastest one. The software tests about 35 DNS servers from over 200 locations every minute. You can view all the DNS server testing results on the website. DNSPerf updates the data every hour but for the real-time data result, you need to contact the service. You can view authoritative DNS providers, public DNS resolvers and the DNS root servers. You can view their results in all the three sperate sections.

DNS Benchmarking

DNSPerf provides DNS benchmarking result with 4 components including Raw Performance, which is the speed when you query each name server directly. Another one is the Resolver Simulation, which shows the performance from the viewpoint of the resolver. Other two are uptime and quality of the DNS servers.

DNS Speed Benchmark

DNS Speed Benchmark is the last tool for DNS benchmarking in this list. It is an online tool which lets you test your DNS provider all over the world. For this, you don’t have to download any software on your system, simply go to the website and start testing the DNS.

DNS Benchmarking

Simply enter the URL of your domain, select their components and then run the test. It only offers you limited run test and for more, you would have to get the premium version.

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Not Just Surviving but Thriving with Jennifer Gilbert

Not Just Surviving but Thriving with Jennifer Gilbert

Jennifer Gilbert was violently attacked in the worst imaginable ways  when she was just 22 years old

Her PAIN turned into PURPOSE as she decided to live her life surrounded by joy and celebration instead of fear and a place of victim and blame.

What started as a passion and healing quest turned into transformative, self-sustaining company.

But Jennifer did not stop there. Jennifer revolutionized the event planning world working with clients such as Google, Oprah Winfrey, the YMCA, the American Red Cross and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

This pioneering approach earned Jennifer Ernst & Young’s “Entrepreneur of the Year®” award and the opportunity to participate in MIT’s three year “Birthing of Giants” fellowship program.

She delivered a TEDx Talk on the “Entrepreneurial Spirit,” is a founding member of the Forbes Impact Summit, presented the keynote at BizBash and was EVEN a a fixture on a season of the Real Housewives of New York City as the event planner of choice.

Jennifer Gilbert today is the Founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Save the Date®, a New York City based hospitality and special events company celebrating 25 years in business with over $35 million in annual revenue.

Interviewing her was a gift. I did not want to stop learning from her! Jennifer is not just a SURVIVOR she is a TRUE THRIVER.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to start thriving in your life
  • How to revolutionize your expertise
  • Why adversity is a gift
  • Why you should surround yourself with joy and celebration

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Be Unapologetic with Allyson Byrd

Be Unapologetic with Allyson Byrd

Originally a highschool dropout raised by a single mom who held three jobs, Allyson’s environment was NOT set up to win. BUT What Allyson Byrd did have working for her? She BELIEVED. She BELIEVED she “could accomplish anything” and her mother believed she could too.

Her journey is nothing short of fascinating.

Today Allyson known as the “Profit Accelerator™,” is the first and only small business owner to create an international production house for thought leaders to be executive produced in publication, online platform expansion, and offline sales strategies.

Celebrated as one of the world’s most trusted leadership advisors and sales experts for entrepreneurs and small business owners, Allyson and her team of masterful facilitators have coached over 3000 entrepreneurial leaders to create over USD $105M in NEW revenue in the past 8-years. Allyson’s work behind the scenes gives her clients the spotlight they deserve. She has just the right mix of education, motivation and – most importantly – vision, to help take businesses to the next new level through her distinctive method of accelerated profit strategies.

Join in TODAY and learn exactly how ALLYSON BYRD Levels up and creates everything from nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Where to turn to for inspiration
  • Why you need to have fun on the journey
  • How to create your own spotlight
  • Why vision is the most important thing to have

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