Why enterprises Should Upskill Their Talent Forces in New-Age Technologies & Business Processes

When you are running an organization, skills serve to be vital commodities. In the given scenario, upskilling is known to present a lucrative opportunity for your organization that helps in engaging as well as retaining employees while boosting the overall bottom line. There is no denying the fact that all valuable employees wish to adapt to any challenge or situation that they have to face in the future. Upskilling serves to be a vital offering that modern organizations should consider as a way of bridging gaps related to employee engagement as well as retention. 

Modern organizations are known to offer their employees a way to harness and develop the existing skills that are most likely to succeed, especially with respect to the overall speed of the technological advancements. This is forcing organizations to move forward. In India, almost half of the executives believe that the existing workforce is not receiving ample training that is needed for businesses to succeed in the right direction. As per a study report by the World Economic Forum, the management of essential skills in the modern, digital age would require the organizations to leverage the technology enabling them to make use of the data-driven approach to ensure smart upskilling and lifelong learning.

The Overall Cost of Replacing an Employee

Upskilling is a major tool that aims at encouraging effective employee engagement as well as retention, presenting proper benefits to not only the bottom line of your organization, but also to the overall well-being of the workforce –especially in relation to the performance of your company.

Each time an organization would replace a salaried employee, the cost of replacing the employee can equal to around 9-month salary of the employees. Therefore, if someone is leaving your organization, you can expect additional costs in the recruitment as well as training costs to replace the same. Research reveals that replacing an employee tends to cost higher. The workforce requires essential tools to go above & beyond when it comes to upskilling and boosting business performance. Doing so implies that you should facilitate upskilling through a series of high-end online courses. You can come across a wide number of relevant upGrad’s online courses to be assured of the right results. 

How to Upskill Effectively with the Help of Online Courses

Let us say that you are required to fill up a new position in your organization. If you are wondering if there is anyone in your organization whose skills remain closely aligned to the open positions out there. AI (Artificial Intelligence) in collaboration with leading online courses aims at finding employees whose skills as well as proficiency levels, fit a specific role. With valuable insight, you can equip the learners with the necessary skills they would require for themselves as well as the organization to succeed. 

As technology keeps creating ample opportunities, employers start filling new jobs with the candidates possessing specialized skill sets. When you upskill the current employees in your organization, you can look forward to filling the vacant positions while retaining the current workforce through the creation of lucrative learning opportunities. Here are some of the potential advantages of upskilling to both the employees as well as the employer.

To the Employers

  • Employee Retention: With the modern job market booming, employers should look forward to making every effort towards preventing employees from job-hopping and finding their way up to the corporate ladder. This is because job-hopping of the existing employees only forces the companies to backfill the vacant positions while costing thousands in the recruitment expenses along with lost productivity. 

As the organizations would invest in lucrative online courses for educating the current employees along with skills training, employers would not only increase the overall value to the company but would also send across the message that employees are worth the investment and have a specific place in the future of the company. 

  • Succession Planning: Every company should ensure that it can continue operating successfully if one of the major employees would depart. Towards ensuring the same, the companies should consider upskilling the current employees through lucrative online courses. The online courses not only enlighten the knowledge base, but also provides them the required training as well as experience to step into the respective leadership roles in case the need arises. If the company fails to do so, it can jeopardize the overall operations of the organization in case some leader would leave his or her post unexpectedly without leaving behind a qualified successor.
  • Talent Attraction: In a recent report by Gallup, it was reported that 87 percent of the millennials gave priority to the professional as well as career growth & development in a job. As upskilling becomes ingrained in the culture of the modern corporate company, it would naturally attract job seekers valuing ample learning opportunities. In addition to this, brand ambassadors within the organization are likelier to refer friends as well as colleagues to open positions upon knowing that the company will make a future investment. 

For the Employees

  • Preserving Tenure: As the stigma of job hopping is disappearing quickly, most of the individuals out there believe that employees should keep changing their jobs every 2-3 years towards ensuring continuous learning as well as engagement. However, in case an employer would provide the workers an opportunity for ample growth as well as learning through upskilling online courses, and employees tend to remain engaged with their work, the time that the employees spend will be focused on opportunities that are provided to them while doing the job that they love. 
  • Discovering New Talents: Only a few individuals out there are able to predict the entire career path. For most of them, the career growth & development turns out to be a long, winding road filled with surprises and hopefully, positive rather than negative. With the task of upskilling the employees, they are able to gain in-depth knowledge in the modern arena in which they might excel. This can lead to undiscovered talents as well as passions being unveiled. Eventually, it leads to even more lucrative job opportunities.
  • Future Investments: Even when an employee would love his or her job, the future can never be guaranteed. As industries keep changing, the employees are compelled to downsize with the jobs getting replaced by Artificial Intelligence. The best way in which the employees can look forward to securing the future is by increasing the existing value as an employee to the organization by expanding the knowledge and skill set. 

If you wish to engage as well as retain employees in your organization, upskilling seems to be an ideal choice. It can be achieved easily by educating the employees about essential skills they need to possess to be in their organization for long. By this knowledge they can make the most of the online courses for upskilling the current workforce.

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How to Stay Safe when Selecting new Gaming Sites in 2019

As per the reports, in 2017 there were more than two billion gamers worldwide and around 27 percent of them were below the age of eighteen. This implies that more and more children and teens are being lured to such kind of online games due to the variety they offer. This rise in popularity is making it very crucial for parents as well as other users to opt for those sites that offer safe gaming.  

A lot of computer games are played online against other players over the internet. Whether they are played on a console, computer, mobile device or through social media these games are gaining popularity across all ages and genders. Most players play using a fake identity and generally they conceal their details, this means that you are generally unaware of who they really are and where they come from. There can also catch associated with these games like hidden financial risks in downloading and playing web and app games. But for the adult gamers there’s another niche in gaming that is on the raise.

The industry of online casinos attracts more and more players, especially young ones. The players get to experience another level of casino gaming – the games changed over the years to become much more attractive and with better graphics. Not only the graphics, but also the ability to play live with other players online has grown greatly. But these sites also have their own risks. You have to know what operator to choose and how to stay on the profit sites. Online casino India explains everything and compares the different casinos there are, from all possible aspects. Be sure to stay aware to the problems that might occur when you choose the wrong casino to play at.

To add an extra element to these multiplayer element most of the games allows players to communicate with each other via integrated chat or verbally with their microphone or headset. Games like adventure games or war games involve thousands of players to be logged on to the game at the same time that can urge you to recklessly give away your personal information. So it is very urgent to stay safe when selecting a gaming site. This article will help you to understand the risks involved in playing multiplayer games and how you can stay safe:

Before you plunge into the online gaming scenario let us take a look at the risk factors that might be involved:

In these enormous multi-player online role playing games you will come across a massive online community of anonymous strangers, unfiltered and un-monitored chats or discussions that can pose a wide range of risks such as:-

  1. Carelessly or foolishly giving away personal information, including password, email address or home address.
  2. All the risks associated with online chat rooms that can jeopardize your way of living.
  3. Cheats that claims to be of help but which in fact might contain viruses or spywares.
  4. Downloading or using pirated version of the games which can lead to penalties including suspension of account or blocking of consoles from reaching the game manufacturer’s server or even prosecution. 
  5. Griefing – in circumstances where players corner you specifically to make your gamin experience miserable.
  6. Disposing game consoles without deleting your personal information 
  7. Playing games for hours might turn into an addiction that can affect the rest of your life.

Now that you have understood the risks that are involved with playing online multiplayer games you might be wondering how you can possibly play the game without jeopardy. Give these tips a try to enjoy a safer and delightful gaming experience:

  • Download games or play games from trusted sites. If you love playing Bingo for example, check out those sites that offer trusted online bingo resources.
  • Never forget to update antivirus and antispyware software and play games only when you have an effective antivirus or antispyware running along with the firewalls.
  • Secure your accounts with a strong password.
  • Enable two-factor authentication where possible.
  • Do not play with any pirated version of the game. Play only with authorized versions of the game which you purchased from an authentic source and for which the license is being provided to you. 
  • Check out for the full-length reviews so that you know what to expect from the game. 
  • Double –check the authenticity and security of the downloaded files and new software before using them.
  • Choose and use a user name that does not disclose any personal information. If your game requires you to create a personal profile make sure you do not reveal any personal information.
  • While playing the game, make sure that your gaming software is up to date. Many multiplayer games automatically update themselves before you can even connect. Be very vigilant about downloading any unauthorized program which might be detrimental and cause a lot of damage to your PC or mobile. 
  • Do not disclose any personal information to other players.
  • Never share login details with others
  • Remember to logout when finished.
  • Be wary of the scams and cons when buying or selling “property” which are present inside a computer game, in the real world. 
  • Do not advocate trolls or bad behaviors. Stay away from those players who might be harassing you or is using abusive language. If you react, it is more likely that they will continue. Instead of encouraging such activities you can report their behavior to the game developer, the games support team or a moderator. If you have the chance to document any abuse you can also try to document them so that you can use it as a proof of the incident. 
  • Buy from trusted and genuine online sources. If you plan to buy the game online then consider shopping from well-established and trusted vendors. Check the reviews if possible. this will minimize the risk of getting conned by scammers. It will also curtail the dangers of falling prey to malware, spyware, viruses and ransom threats. You can look out for these safe options while downloading or purchasing a product online
  • If you are an Android user stick to Google Play and avoid side-loading.
  • iPhone and iPad users should religiously use Apple App Store.
  • Windows and Mac users should try to use their own app stores.
  • You are a console gamer then make an effort to buy and download digital copies online through your console manufacturer’s online store.
  • If you have any element of doubt regarding the credibility of an online store do not forget to do some research. View the reviews, or visit online forums for advice before making a decission to buy. 
  • Avoid downloading from any dodgy sites, mods or links. Never download software from strangers, especially cheat mods or any kind of automation scripts. Make a note of this word of caution- Such kind of tricky softwares contain spyware or malwares.
  • Do not play on public Wi-Fi. It might seem to be very tempting to you, but try to restrict yourself from using any free or public Wi-Fi. You may never know who the network belongs to and you might fall a prey to these kind of fake hotspot set ups that can steal your data which you might be unaware of. 

So keep these useful tips in mind to keep your system safe and enjoy a safe gaming experience. 

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Why Modern Yachts Vulnerable to Hacker Attacks

Manufacturers of modern marine vessels have not escaped the fashionable trend of connecting various components of ship’s infrastructure to the Internet. As a result, any modern yacht is equipped not only with navigation systems, but also with a host of other electronic devices that are connected into a common network by routers and switches.

As a result, yachts became as vulnerable as other devices that suddenly turned out to be connected to the Internet. The technologies that they use were developed before the advent of modern security standards and are not able to provide reliable protection.

In addition, the navigation equipment is not isolated from the network of infotainment devices, the Internet connection using VPN, so it`s no way protected – it can take a long time to list. Stephan Gerling of the ROSEN group of companies talked about some of these issues at the Security Analyst Summit 2018.

The on-board network of the yacht has a lot of connected devices – a ship traffic control system (VTS), an automatic identification system (AIS), autopilot, GPS receivers, radar, cameras (including infrared), a depth gauge, devices for controlling engines and monitoring their condition ( today some work through the cloud) and others, others, others.

This entire electronic team is networked using the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association) bus. The newest version of this standard is called NMEA 2000 (or N2K). Interestingly, N2K is a close relative of the CAN bus, which is used in all modern cars.

Even if marine electronics is not connected to the Internet, it can still successfully can be attacked. The most common methods are blocking and spoofing a GPS signal, spoofing AIS identification, and so on. And this is no longer a theory: such attacks have occurred more than once.

When attacking, attackers modify information about the position and speed of the vessel – that is, data that the AIS collects and transmits, for example, to a port dispatcher to avoid collision with other ships. An attack on a GPS signal or an AIS connection is fraught with navigation problems up to a collision of vessels, which always leads to serious damage, and sometimes even to human casualties.

In addition to NMEA, there are other networks on modern yachts. For example, infotainment systems operating on a network using TCP / IP protocols, which we all use every day. The equipment operating in these networks is also quite standard: routers and switches, Wi-Fi access points, VoIP phones, smart TVs and so on – everything is like in a normal house or apartment.

But there is a nuance: unlike the home network, the infotainment network on board the yacht is connected to the NMEA bus using a special gateway. On the one hand, this is convenient for the owner of the yacht, because it allows you to control all ship’s ship systems from a smartphone or tablet, from lighting and window blinds to engines. Even autopilot can be controlled using a special wireless device. On the other hand, since the two networks are not isolated from each other, when an infotainment system is hacked, attackers can penetrate deeper into the NMEA network.

And infotainment networks, of course, have Internet access: via satellite, through channels for high-speed 4G / 3G / 2G data transfer or using Wi-Fi modules.

To demonstrate how vulnerable the yachts are, Gerling studied one of the solutions actually used in yachts to configure and control the Internet connection and local networks. To make it more convenient for the user, this solution supports remote control – through an application for Windows, iOS or Android. This is where the problem became known.

The fact is that every time the control application is opened on a tablet, mobile phone or computer, it connects to the router via FTP and downloads the XML file. This file contains the full configuration of the router, including hard-coded accounts, the SSID of the secure WiFi protection and the password for it in the form of unencrypted text.

Since the FTP protocol is unsafe, this data is easy to intercept, after which criminals get full control over the yacht’s router and its infotainment network.

In addition to this serious error, Gerling discovered a user account with administrator rights in the operating system of the router. It was left by the developers – probably for remote technical support.

What threatens the control of cybercriminals over the infotainment system? For example, by intercepting any traffic, including HTTP requests, audio (voice messages transmitted over the Internet) or video (data from a surveillance camera). And these are just flowers. Having such opportunities, you can not only begin to spy on those present on the yacht, but also hack any device on board if it can connect to Wi-Fi.

After Gerling informed the equipment manufacturer about all the problems detected, the network protocol was changed from FTP to a more reliable SSH. In addition, a new application and firmware for the router were developed. The updated software still contains hard-coded credentials, but the developers changed the password from “12345678” to a more reliable one. However, even after installing the fixes, an active administrator account remained in the router’s operating system.

In general, everything is pretty sad. And there is nothing to advise the owners and buyers of yachts. On-board infotainment systems, as a rule, are delivered as a turnkey solution with not so many options from which you can choose. It is unlikely that many owners of yachts will be engaged in the installation of equipment and network setup on their own. We can only recommend that you carefully choose the provider of infotainment system.

Gerling’s research shows that even very complex and expensive things — such as a yacht — can contain primitive, easily exploited vulnerabilities. Which someone can use, for example, to spy on the owner of the yacht and its guests. In other words, the whole world can find out what is happening on board your ship.

Considering how many influential and famous people buy or rent yachts, their manufacturers should approach safety issues much more carefully. In particular, to use the services of researchers and security testers even at the stage of system preparation, without waiting for a serious leak, in which the client has every right to blame the supplier.

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Stay Anonymous on the Internet: Check Utopia Service For Free!

Network security requires constant work and a keen eye for detail. Or no? Now I doubt it as I have recently come across the new P2P ecosystem.

Honestly speaking, I have been searching for a secure messenger for quite long. The existing solutions dissatisfied me: data leakage, some security flops which arise because of the synchronization problems, and so on.

So I found an article about Utopia and “you never can tell” thought popped into my mind, and I decided to join its beta. After a weak of using it, I managed to form my own opinion on the whole ecosystem, and here it is!

General impression

For the reference, Utopia is a decentralized peer-to-peer network. It includes IM and mail, a digital token which can be freely mined, file storage and transfer, built-in image viewer, wallet, built-in browser, and even some games. It was developed by guys from the UK, who were fed up with the lack of confidentiality and security on the Web. They were working on the product for 5 years, that’s impressive stamina. Today I’m going to evaluate the results of their hard work.

What I liked:

  • the whole network is decentralized – each user takes part in the transfer of data;
  • that the ecosystem, it offers an all-in-one solution;
  • all data is encrypted at the user’s local device;
  • its UNS is an advanced alternative to DNS;
  • no censorship and other restrictions – freedom of speech and expression in all forms;
  • your location won’t be revealed;
  • your chats and data won’t be intercepted and read by the 3rd parties.

Closer to the solutions

Instant messenger

Utopia offers an encrypted messenger which allows sending instant voice and text messages. That means that only the receiver will be able to decrypt your message — no extraneous interference.

You can create chat groups and news channels which can be geotagged – thanks to uMaps. It is quite beneficial for businesses.

The interface of the messenger is quite simple but robust. I’ve never faced any difficulties searching for the necessary button and function.

As for the security, it’s really on the highest level as promised by the devs – cutting edge encryption methods are applied.

Moreover, the tons of cool stickers and emojis keep the IM fresh and unique.


That is a classic email we all are used to (you won’t be confused), but a safe and secure one – here, no servers are involved for mail sending or storage.

It includes an inbox, a trash folder, filters, and search functionality and illimitable messaging and attachment storage. It what is necessary for convenient business communication.


Its Idyll browser is like Tor but better. It’s a built-in browser which allows surfing on various kinds of resources and specifically sites inside Utopia IN, of course, anonymously. That’s the essence.


Utopia introduces built-in e-wallet. You are allowed to handle and receive all kind of payments denominated in Crypton. It is a Utopia’s own cryptocurrency. You can receive payments at your website, pay by Crypto Cards without exposing your public key.

Don’t worry, Crypton can be mined. When you run your Utopia software, you will get your share of a collective reward. That’s such a sophisticated way to say thank you for the ecosystem support. And that attracts a lot of users.

In addition, such kind of mining does not slow your PC down. Plus, you will save a couple of glaciers as the carbon footprint from it will be zero (or almost.)

Utopia offers API and console client serves fast and easy integration into the 3rd party apps and own solutions development.

They say you can use bots at several servers to speed up mining, but I didn’t try. Those Crypton I received was enough for me.


If you have time, you can play games with your mates or even create your own. As for me, I used the ecosystem primarily for business matters, and I simply have no time for entertainment. Those artistic stickers were far enough for me.

But if you are fond of games, Utopia can become your Holy table.


The consistency and performance of the network are provided by the parties who use it. It is guaranteed by the connectivity as they take part in data transfer in encrypted mode.

What is the final judgment of this secure messenger?

Well, I think that’s all aspects I intended to cover. Our world requires modern solutions for our convenient and secure Being Online. I truly believe that Utopia is one of the best products existing, which protects the privacy of personal interaction, discretion, and safety of personal details. The fact that it offers the fully-fledged solution which allows you not to switch from mail to browser and from messenger to your wallet, add even more value to it.

By the way, their beta testing is still ongoing. If you are interested in modern web solutions, you still can submit your participation and test all the features by yourself. As they say, trying once is better than reading twice.

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Why Niching Down can Explode Your Business with James Patrick

Why Niching Down can Explode Your Business
with James Patrick

James Patrick, ACG, ALB is an award-winning and internationally published commercial and editorial photographer based in Arizona specializing in sports, fitness, beauty and portraiture. He also works as an entrepreneur coach, podcast host, marketer, journalist and public speaker covering a variety of topics including photography, marketing and business development.

What all this means is that James is a storyteller and as a storyteller, he has a bevy of mediums in which to craft and communicate his stories.

With his diverse work background, James has spoken coast-to-coast in the United States and been interviewed for numerous TV, radio, magazine, newspaper and podcast segments on topics related to entrepreneurship, marketing, personal development, photography and more.

James is the author of FIT BUSINESS GUIDE: The Workout Plan for Your Brandand is the weekly host of both the Beyond the Image Podcast and the FITposium podcast.

BUT, this was not who James ALWAYS was. It was shifting into FOCUSSING and specializing that exploded James career,

Join in today and learn EXACTLY how James Patrick Leveled up and created everything from nothing!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How niching down can level up your business
  • Why you need to focus on specifics
  • Why you need to be seen, heard, and read
  • How to set up your day


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DO YOU WANT TO LOSE 5 lbs within the next 7 days

DO YOU WANT TO LOSE 5lbs in the next 7 days? Drop the bloat and stop the cravings!

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She’s is my director of customer success and she is taking the 7 day jump challenge on in a big way.

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Natalie Jill

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How To Reactivate A Disabled Facebook Or Instagram account

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have become an important part of our lives. We use these sites daily as they help us to stay connected with our friends, chat with them and share photos and videos.

Not only to connect with friends and other people, but it also lets you promote services, events and create pages for your websites. Though these sites are great for entertainment, sometimes people want to take a break from the social media website whether it is due to the exams, business or anything else.

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If you also have got bored or just want to stop using Facebook and Instagram then you can just deactivate your account. They won’t delete any of your data. Sometimes, it can become tricky to reactivate your social media account. So, if you also want to know how to reactivate Instagram and facebook account then this article is just for you.

Steps To Reactivate A Disabled Instagram Account

Reactivate An Instagram Account

If you have disabled your Instagram account temporarily and want to reactivate it again then this section will help you. But before you want to reactivate the disabled Instagram account, make sure that it has been long enough since you disabled your Instagram account. It should be at least 7 days after you disabled the account otherwise you won’t be able to reactivate it again. Now let’s get to know how to reactivate a disabled Instagram account.

  1. You don’t have to do much, simply open the Instagram app on your phone.
  2. Now, you have to enter the email address, phone number or the Instagram username and also enter the password.
  3. You may need to follow some instructions also like, accepting Instagram’s upgraded policy or upgrade to its new version.
  4. If your Instagram account’s credentials are correct then it would immediately log you into your account.
  5. If you face problems logging in to your Instagram account then you can try uninstalling and then re-installing the Instagram app as it would remove all the stored cache.

Reactive Disabled Account When Forgot Password

  1. You can only reactivate your disabled Instagram account if you know your login details. But what if you do not remember your password and Instagram login help is not working? Well, in this case, you may need to put some efforts.
  2. You just have to go to your email account that you used to create your Instagram account.
  3. Now open the Instagram emails and search for the very recent email you received while requesting to reset the password.
    Reactive An account Disabled By Instagram
  4. Open that email and find “Secure your account here” link option. When you click this option, it would take you to a new page where you can reset your password.
    Reactive An account Disabled By Instagram
  5. This trick helped me when I was unable to reactivate my Instagram account. I forgot my password and Instagram was not recognizing my username so that I could reset my password. But I tried this trick and reactivated my Instagram account again. It was such a relief.

Reactive An account Disabled By Instagram

  1. Above methods were for reactivating Instagram account when you yourself disable it. But if you violate Instagram terms then it would automatically disable your account. If your account has also been disabled by Instagram then follow the below steps.
  2. First, you need to verify that your account is disabled by Instagram. For the same, you have to log in to your Instagram account and see what does it say. If you see a message “Your account has been disabled” then your account is disabled by Instagram but if it says Incorrect username or password then you have entered wrong credentials.
    Reactive An account Disabled By Instagram
  3. So, if your account is suspended by Instagram then you have to submit an appeal form to Instagram.
  4. For the same, you have to visit https://help.instagram.com/contact/606967319425038
  5. Here you would need to fill your username, email address, full name, email address, and mobile number.
  6. In the last box, you have to explain why your account should not be disabled.
  7. The appeal would be sent to Instagram and you will get notified about it on your email address. After that, you would be able to login to your Instagram account.

How To Delete Kik Account Permanently

Steps To Reactivate A Disabled Facebook Account

Reactivate Self Disabled Facebook Account

If you got bored or wanted to take a break from Facebook and deactivated your account and now you would like to activate it again then follow the below steps.

  1. Facebook allows you to permanently delete your account or disable it temporarily. If you disabled your Facebook account temporarily then you can reactivate it again just by logging in to it.
    Reactivate A Disabled Facebook
  2. But if you deleted your Facebook account permanently then Facebook still gives you 14 days in case you change your mind. So, if it has not been 14 days since you deleted your Facebook account then you can reactivate it again. For the same, login to your Facebook account and you would see a message with the option to cancel deletion. Click on the “Cancel deletion” button and you will get your Facebook account back.

Reactivate Account Disabled By Facebook

If your facebook account is disabled by Facebook due to some reason then you have to submit an appeal to Facebook to reactivate your Facebook account.

  1. To do so, visit https://www.facebook.com/help/contact/260749603972907.
  2. Here you have to enter your username or mobile number.
    Reactivate A Disabled Facebook
  3. After that, enter your full name and add the attachment of the screenshot that says your account is disabled.
  4. At last, hit the send button. That’s all you have to do. Facebook will review your request and reactivate your account.

These were the methods to reactivate your Facebook and Instagram account. You can easily reactivate your Instagram and Facebook account with these simple ways. Hope the article was helpful to you.

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Why You Should Tell Your Story with Eli Nash

Why You Should Tell Your Story with Eli Nash

Eli held a secret for YEARS. The details of his own abuse. What he knows now that he didn’t know those many years of keeping quiet? That vulnerability and emotional intelligence connects people.

TODAY, he now empowers others to speak up. He helps them use their own voice, share THEIR stories, to become agents of change in their respective communities.

Eli founded MicDrop, a public speaking training program that puts special emphasis on those who can’t even imagine speaking publicly.

Join in today and not only hear how Eli coached ME on my passion and story, but learn EXACTLY HOW Eli Nash LEVELED UP and created everything from nothing!

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why you need to tell your story
  • How you can become a better storyteller
  • How you can stop being afraid of public speaking
  • Why public speaking is a great tool

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Top 10 Payment Gateways For Accepting International Payments

A few years ago there were only a few payment gateways options available due to which the order placements used to take a lot of time. But today the use of online shopping and online transactions is hiking rapidly.

People prefer to purchase online instead of going out and shop due to the hectic schedule. But no online store or any online business can grow without a proper payment gateway. You need to provide your customer with a secure and convenient way of making payments online. If the customers find a good and flexible payment option, then it reassures the customer return. On the other hand, a failed payment service repel the customers.

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So, it is important for you to have a powerful payment gateway for accepting payments for your business. However, with so many payment gateways available in the market, it becomes quite difficult to choose the best one for your business. If you are a merchant who is looking to expand the business to more countries or if you are looking to provide services or products internationally then here we have a list of the top 10 Payment Gateways For accepting International Payments. These would help you to choose the best option for you. Let’s have a look.

Best Payment Gateways For Global Businesses


Let’s start with the most used and one of the oldest payment gateways available for accepting international payment. PayPal is a powerful payment gateway with a large number of userbase. It is also used by millions of websites for accepting the payments. Using Paypal is pretty easy. You just have to follow a few steps to setup your Paypal business account and start receiving payments. In fact, it does not take a long time to approve the account. You can get started as soon as you sign up.

The best thing about PayPal is that it doesn’t charge any setup fees. You can create your Paypal account free of cost. It lets you pay for anything online if the merchant website supports it and for accepting payments its an amazing payment gateway. There is a transaction charge of 4.4% + $0.30 for the transaction cost when you accept international payments or any payment. But for buyers, it is totally free. Although, the transaction charges are higher than most of the other payment gateways so it is wise to provide PayPal payment method along with some other options too and let the customers decide how they would like to pay for your service. Here is a list of some PayPal alternatives for transferring money online.


Another popular international payment gateway specially for the USA is Stripe. Stripe is a wonderful payment gateway for the international payment. If you are an online business owner or seller you can easily accept payments from your customer using Stripe via different credit/debit cards. The interface of Stripe is pretty simple and user-friendly.

One of the best features about Stripe is its customized checkout feature. You only need to embed a single javascript line and the Stripe payment checkout will be added to your website. The payment is processed right on your payment page. The user is not directed to a third party site to complete the payment. Another thing which about Stripe payment gateway which attracts people is the multiple payment options.

Payment Gateways

It offers you several payment options to accept international or local payment. Along with all the major debit and credit cards, Stripe also supports several wallets including Alipay, Amex Express Checkout, Apple Pay, etc. The payment via Stripe is totally secure. From the Stripe API or dashboard, you can easily get all the real-time information and reports regarding charge, transfer, fee, and refund.

Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments is also a nice payment gateway for accepting international payments. It is great for merchants and clients. If you own an online store then you can easily implement in your website to provide your users an easy and smooth method for making payments. The good thing about Amazon Payments is that it doesn’t require the users to fill their information as it identifies the users the moment they login. All their Amazon account details such as an address, name, card details, etc. are taken so that the users don’t have to input their details again-n-again.

Payment Gateways

Amazon payments are very secure which relieves your users and trust the payment methods you offer with Amazon Pay. You also get tools to promote your business, sell products and manage orders. The transaction fee includes 2.9%+$0.30+taxes (when the purchase is successfully authorized and processed).

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Authorize.net is also a wonderful payment gateway you can use for your site to accept the international payments form your users. It was founded in 1995 ad since then thousands of merchant sites are using this amazing international payment accepting service. There is one feature of Authorize.net which stands it out from the other payment gateways and that is its ability to identify the fraud sites. It is also great for a small or medium-sized business to grow their business a sit offers you a flexible payment options for your users. It lets your users pay via cards and electronic cheques.

Payment Gateways

Well, unlike other mentioned payment gateways, it does charge monthly gateway fee of $25. The transaction fees include 2.9% + $0.30.


You can also use 2Checkout for accepting the payments as it is one of the best payment gateways available. It is also the most popular online payment gateway you can find in the USA. It is also pretty easy to use. This online payment gateway provides you an easy payment API that you can quicking integrate into your site without any hassle. When you first try 2Checkout it provides a real demo on how to use this for accepting payments etc.

Payment Gateways

The thing which attracts merchants who want to take their business globally is the support of over 15 languages and 90 currencies which is amazing. You also get the benefit of other features of this online payment gateway including advanced fraud protection, recurring billing,  and mobile optimization.


If you own a Canada based business then you must try FuiturePay. This payment gateway is for all the Canada based businesses who do not want to pay that huge tax for the transactions. Also, it doesn’t impose high processing fees on your customers. It offers you a smooth and robust interface which is easy to use and makes taking payment a piece of cake.

Payment Gateways

Many Canada based businesses are using this superb payment gateway for their e-commerce channels. You also get the flexibility in payment methods which also help you grow your business as your customer gets great options for the payment.


Let’s talk about Square which is also one of the best and most used payment gateways for accepting international payments. Square is also a good Paypal alternative. Well, it may not much popular but its a great payment gateway especially if you are a merchant based in the U.S., U.K., Canada, Australia, and Japan. As it only provides these countries merchants to accept card payments.

Payment Gateways

There is a unique feature of this online payment gateway that it provides you a free domain and online store with payment solutions. It also offers you add-ons like add-ons payroll, appointment booking, and employee management. The transaction fee of Square is 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.


WePay is absolutely free to set up on your website. It provides you power solutions for accepting the local as well as international payments without any issue. It was started in 2008 but only to pool money for shared expenses. Then it changed to providing payment services for different platforms. Since then it is gaining huge success and still growing quite fast. You also get the modern payment options including Apple Pay and Android Pay. Just like the other online payment gateways, WePay also charges you 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction.

Payment Gateways


Here comes another good online payment gateway that can be used if you are looking for some good online payment gateway for your business. The best thing is that Payoneer can be implemented in your system very easily so that you can start receiving your payment with no problem. There is no need to have knowledge about any programming language in order to implement this payment gateway system in your website your service. But the downside of this online payment gateway is that is charges a high fee when accepting credit cards. You can also configure your Payoneer account to make monthly payments to your employees.

Payment Gateways


The last but not least online payment gateway is Braintree. It is also a popular payment gateway which can be adapted by the merchants to provide their users with a convenient way of making payments. It is great for all types of businesses. You would love its seamless checkout experience. This online payment gateway is also fully secure and provides the customers with a confident and secure payment method to make them return to your website again.

So, these were some of the best online payment gateway systems. All these are the top best payment system you can find over the web. The transaction fee is almost the same for all these payment gateways. You can choose one that suits your business model.

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