Why You Should Get Managed IT Services for Your Business

There are almost no businesses left that don’t benefit from information technology. Small firms may hire just one computer operator to manage this task. On the other hand, big companies need a team of experts to manage their complicated systems. They have two options: hire a team of IT experts or outsource it to a managed IT services provider. 

A team of IT experts has to take care of the entire infrastructure of your computer systems. They will ensure the networks run smoothly, there is no security vulnerability, and complete system has a backup. Here I have shared why you should prefer outsourcing your IT services instead of managing it in-house. 

Don’t Need Hiring

If you have to manage an IT network, you will need to create a new department. This starts with the hiring of professionals who have the skills to do this work. Hiring itself is a very difficult, time-consuming, and expensive task. The interviewer has to be an expert of the field to determine whether the candidate has required potential or not. A firm that provides managed IT services already has the team for this job.

No Worries about Unqualified Staff

You will have to bear the cost of an unqualified employee for a few months if you don’t hire the right person. A company doesn’t have that extra money to waste nor as much time to build a team. You won’t have to hire anyone if you acquire services of Dynamix Solutions, a firm of IT Services Calgary.

Managing an In-House Department is Difficult

A professional knows how challenging it is to find the right recruits. Managing those recruits is even more difficult. You have to give them all benefits of employees, create space for them, and manage the entire department. An IT department may not be a part of your expertise, so you will have to find a trusted and experienced professional to assist you. Instead of putting your trust in one individual, you should get Managed IT Services.

Controlled Costs

People are under the impression that outsourcing a service can be expensive. It may not be cheap, but creating and managing an IT department of your own is more expensive. You can’t estimate the exact costs when you have an in-house team. On the other hand, managed IT services will have one fixed cost and you won’t have to pay any more than that. 

They Have the Required Experience

You may have the qualification or the staff, but you don’t have the experience to properly run an IT department. IT firms not only have a qualified staff, but years of experience to tackle any possible issue. It will take time and many failures to reach a level where you can manage your IT work like them. 

Up to Date Solutions

Your primary expertise is the industry of your business. IT is used in almost every industry, but it’s not everyone can run an IT house. It’s a separate industry with its own experts. You should focus on what you are good at and let your IT services be handled by a professional who has up to date solution for every problem. 

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How to Use YouTube for Business Marketing

According to a survey conducted in 2018, 32% of all consumers check out a brand’s presence on social media before checking out its website. Businesses have been using various social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc. to be able to reach their audience, and among the different types of content, video is the most favored one.  

Nowadays, consumers watch more videos than they ever did. Video is the number one type of content that customers prefer to see from businesses and brands, and because of this ongoing trend, those are taking advantage of it by incorporating more video into their marketing strategy. YouTube is today’s most popular video-sharing website, which is why in this article, we’ll discuss how businesses can take advantage of it to generate more leads and sales. Let’s dive in!            

Why YouTube is a must-use platform for businesses:   


YouTube has a wide reach

Based on statistics, a lot of people spend from as little as a few minutes and up to a few hours a day watching videos on social media. YouTube alone has more than 30 million visitors per day. 85% of internet users in the US watch online videos each month on any device. In fact, YouTube is the number one market leader among entertainment and video websites in the US, making it the most widely-adopted video channel for marketers. 


Consumers prefer video than any other type of content 

Based on a study from 2018, 72% of all people would rather use video to learn about a business or brand’s products and services. Video is more entertaining than reading a pure text, which makes consumers more likely to remember products and services that they see on video than they read on a regular text. 95% of viewers will most likely remember a call to action after watching a video rather than reading it in a text format.        

How to use YouTube to promote businesses or products? 


Advertise businesses and products using video

Videos are entertaining; that’s why they easily capture the attention of the audience. Instead of simply posting photos of the products that you are offering, be creative, and create a short video explaining why your audience should try your products while entertaining them.      

 You can use YouTube video ads to capture your target market, and you can use YouTube to create a video to showcase your business and your products. Using YouTube’s video ads, your video will be suggested to viewers that are interested in content related to your niche or topic (the same concept that’s used in advertising platforms like Click2sell.co with banner ads).       


Include a Call to Action to drive traffic to your website


When you create videos for your business, always include a call to action where you link your businesses’ YouTube channel to your website (or a specific landing page). If you get your audience to engage through your videos and actually click on the call to action links, then more people will visit your website or landing page, which will probably generate more leads and sales.  


Tell a story

When you use YouTube to advertise your business or your products, you don’t necessarily have to do hard-selling. You can create videos that show volunteer work that you have done or tell stories about how you have helped people, for example. You can also provide “How To” videos that indirectly promote your business or products. For example, if you are into the baking industry, you can probably show how to bake chocolate chip cookies, for instance.       

Another great idea would be to feature testimonials from satisfied clients that have already used your products and services previously. In this way, you can entice your target audience to try your products or services themselves.    

Video marketing is increasing over the years and is here to stay, and that’s why you should use YouTube and include it as a part of your business’ marketing strategy.       

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WHY I started something that has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition

WHY I started something that has nothing to do with fitness or nutrition.

After years on the roller coaster of ups and downs (WHO CAN RELATE ) and 3 MASSIVE set backs (physical, financial and with my marriage) I was feeling totally defeated.

Feeling beat up, my creative energy gone, I wanted to know how do people that have had massive set backs recreate, level up and create EVERYTHING from NOTHING?

How do they create from a place of feeling defeated?

I started listening to podcast on this topic but found myself annoyed that many hosts would talk over who they were Interviewing and not asking the questions that I really wanted to know. SOOOOOO, I started my own.

Through interviewing and asking the hard questions, I found a tremendous love of interviewing. I love learning about others, their stories, their journeys, what makes them tick and most importantly, HOW they shifted past unimaginable things in their lives and leveled up.

It was super therapeutic! I basically has 100 hours of high level therapy and coaching.

My passion for this started as a hobby

Now it’s turned into one of the top personal development podcast! Consistently in the top 50!

And these are all free to you!

I have now released 100 episodes as of today including some of the greats like:

Chalene Johnson
Brad Lea
Ed Mylett
The Big Pygmy
Tom Bilyeu
Lori Harder
Chris Harder
Christine Hassler
Natalia Kern
Kerwin Rae
Model Health Show
Bedros Keuilian
Nick Santonastasso
Preston Smiles
Jenna Phillips Ballard
Dan Lok
and many more (too many to tag)

Want to start leveling up YOUR life? Subscribe. It’s totally free.


Natalie Jill

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How to Adjust to Google’s Constant Updates

With increased dependence on the digital media for marketing, the search engine giant is continuously improving its algorithms to catch up. 

Google updates its algorithms numerous times, and it’s only the significant changes that come to the public’s notice as updates. Search Engine Optimization gained momentum; every update by Google makes a difference. Adjusting to new updates is essential, primarily when one’s entire marketing strategy relies on it. 

When Google announces a significant update, adjusting to it can be quite tricky. Understanding the update is vital as it gives insight as to what ought to be done. 

So, if the Google updates, instead of panicking, here are a few productive things you can do to adjust to it as soon as possible. 

Rely on the authentic resources 

Yes, the first and foremost thing you need to do is to make sure that the news is coming from trustworthy resources. Whenever a major Google update arrives, it is the experts who notice it within no time. SEO specialists and renowned bloggers in the said field will write about it. 

Do not rely on bogus resources and authenticate the news first before starting to freak out. Alternatively, you can also check the Google Webmaster Blog for any such announcement. It is Google’s official blog that covers every critical update by the search engine. If there was an update, the blog must have mentioned it. 

Analyze your website thoroughly 

Every time Google updates, its algorithm improves. This means that the improved version will notice the things that the previous algorithm might have overlooked or missed out. It is the reason why many sites find themselves penalized whenever the system updates. 

The best way to identify the update or know whether it has affected your website or not is to analyze it.

Go to Google Analytics and analyze the performance of your website. Check if you can point out any significant changes in the traffic or the overall ranking of the website. If you notice a drastic drop in either of the two right after the update, then the chances are that your site has been penalized under the new algorithm update. 

But wait; do not jump to conclusions as of yet because sometimes (rarely though) it happens because of any other reason. Give it time and keep on checking it periodically. Sometimes a newly installed plugin might create problems. So, make sure that everything else is taken care of before concluding that it is the update causing all the trouble.  You can also use online tools to evaluate your website. These tools provide a detailed analysis of a website’s performance. 

According to SEO experts at Healthy Links, a few things that usually every Google update targets are backlinks, the loading speed of a website, its content, and everything else that counts in overall user experience. The search engine usually evaluates how user-friendly the sites are. Those that don’t comply often get penalized. 

What to do next?

After identifying the updates and its ramifications, what you need to do is contact your SEO guy. SEO specialists being the experts in the field know how to deal with the penalties. Remember, even if the search engine has not penalized your website, it is still important to seek advice from an SEO specialist to get to know the new update better. The update might not affect your site directly, but it can introduce a new set of rules to follow from there onwards. 

So, the smarter way to go about it is to seek professional advice for it. Try reading up on it as well so that you know everything there is to know about the update.

The recovery

After seeking the insight, it is time to come up with a new strategy for your website, the one that is in line with the update. 

Start with fixing the issues by priority. See which one ought to be dealt right away and which ones can wait. It is crucial to fix the problem on a priority basis as this will save your website from other issues.  Once the issues are fixed, you need to come up with a solid plan as to how would you want to go about it in the future. 

Summing up

Identifying the update is only the initial step. Adjusting to the new updates can be a lot easier if you do not panic and deal with everything one by one. Don’t just rush into the solving part and give analysis some time. 

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6 Reasons to Get a Mean Stack Developer For Your E-Commerce Project

We are living in a digitally intensive era where it’s almost compulsory to keep abreast with everything happening within the IT ecosystem. This has led to the explosion of new-age developers looking to leverage new technologies to build extraordinary yet user-friendly stacks that help ease the work of programmers. 

In this article, we are going to look at the MEAN stack and how it can benefit your e-commerce business.

So, What is MEAN Stack?

Basically, the MEAN Stack is a collection of JavaScript technologies that are used to build dynamic websites and web applications. This means the client-side, server-side, and even the database are all Javascript based. 

Now, many get confused when it comes to differentiating between MEAN stack vs. Full stack. A Full stack developer is knowledgeable in all the development layers whereas a MEAN stack developer specializes in particular areas only.

In fact, MEAN is mainly comprised of four distinct technologies namely:

MongoDB Express: Them main role of MongoDB Express is the storage of the application’s data. Both the app and database utilizes JavaScript making back and forth data exchange easy, without translation.

Express JS: This framework is mainly used as the backend by MEAN stack developers. It helps manage the interaction between the front-end and the database for smooth data transfer.

AngularJS: This front-end framework is used to create the client-side of the app. 

Node.js: Famed for handling multiple connections simultaneously, Node.js easily connects with Angular for faster data processing within the JavaScript execution environment.

What is Mean Stack Developer?

A Mean stack developer is a back-end and front-end programmer whose main tool of the trade is MEAN stack. And since all the components of MEAN stack are JavaScript based, this individual is required to have an in-depth knowledge of JS. 

To clearly understand how MEAN stack developers work, we need to delve into the architecture of this framework. But before we look at that, let’s talk about the rising popularity of MEAN stack development.

According to a 2019 report by BuiltWith, it is estimated that more than 3.7m websites are built using AngularJS. Key among large corporations utilizing AngularJS technology is Paypal. The company has built a network of powerful payment frameworks globally in more than 200 countries, making it the go-to destination on the Internet when looking to transact online.

To underwrite this popularity, MEAN stack development was listed among the top 3 most demanded skills in America by Indeed.com in 2018.

The architecture of MEAN Stack

Here is a quick rundown of how the MEAN stack operates.

  • The very first step begins with Angular.JS where all the requests emanating from the client-side are processed.
  • Once the first phase is over, the request enters Node which is in charge of the server-side. 
  • Consequently, the request then enters Express.Js where it requests for database access. 
  • Once the request is accepted, MongoDB collects all the data and relays it to ExpressJS.
  • Similarly, Express relays the response to Node which then sends it to Angular.

Now, how can MEAN positively contribute to the e-Commerce ecosystem?

Importance of Mean Stack in e-Commerce  

E-Commerce continues to grow at an unprecedented rate globally. Today, you can virtually shop for almost everything online without ever leaving your house. And although these e-commerce stores have brought a host of benefits to the customers, business owners are left grappling with the consequences depending on the technologies they choose to build their platforms. 

As a business owner, it is important to build your application with the right agile framework that can quickly meet both your short-term and long term needs.

Here are some of the ways the MEAN stack for e-commerce could be beneficial to your business.


Node.js supports Javascript with Non-blocking I/O application. This means that the application is able to serve multiple events without a hitch which makes NodeJS the perfect match for asynchronous and data-driven applications. The multiple events handling is crucial for every e-commerce applications as no customers want to keep on refreshing or wait for hours for the platform to load.


One of the things that you should never compromise as the business owner is the scalability of your e-commerce app. The Non-blocking I/O nature of NodeJS courtesy of the V8 engine helps in CPU optimization. Additionally, your development is able to scale the server using the cluster. 

Moreover, MongoDB is a NoSQL database making it highly compatible with the Cloud thanks to the cluster. Once plugged in, MongoDB is able to spread throughout the server’s clusters providing database replication and failover support. This entire process adds flexibility to the database layer/s which gives your e-Commerce platform more agility.

Truly Open Source

Most if not all open-source e-commerce platforms come with attached costs such as licensing fees. On top of being a complete and truly open source stack,  MEAN doesn’t require any licensing fee and the plugins can be easily accessed through public repositories and libraries.

Uniformity in Data Streaming

The architecture of the MEAN stack is built in a way that all the requests and their consequent outcomes travel via a single data stream. This is particularly important for easier data processing in an e-commerce website where multiple processes happen simultaneously. It also means that promotional videos can be easily and quickly uploaded, compelling buyers to make instant purchase decisions.

Proven Latest Technology

MEAN has continued to see improvements through public repositories at Github. The thriving online community is always striving to look for new technologies to improve the entire ecosystem. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that it has been adopted by both small startups and large multinationals like PayPal, eBay, Google, and Facebook. 

All this means that your e-commerce platform will not only be founded on the latest technology but also ready to handle any unforeseen challenges that may come down the road.

Now that we have seen MEAN stack programming features and how it can help your e-commerce shop, what is the importance of hiring a MEAN stack developer for your projects?

Top 6 Reasons Why You Should Choose a MEAN Stack Developer for Your Ecommerce Project.

Assist in Defining Code Framework and Architecture 

Together with engineers and other team members, MEAN stack developers help to define the overall structure of your e-commerce applications. Furthermore, they are in charge of actualizing the ideas on paper into reality.

As a general rule of thumb, a good e-Commerce framework should be founded on a coherent architectural model. Typically, it should emphasize on intense use of interfaces and design patterns such as dependency injection, factories, decorators, and publish/subscribe model.

Help Build Interactive e-Commerce Platforms

As a cash-strapped startup, you can use an off the shelf e-commerce platform in order to reduce costs. The only problem with cookie-cutter and generic platforms is that they end up costing more in the long-run. And in today’s business world where most people spend long hours on mobile devices, having an interactive platform that conforms to different screen sizes is critical.

Thanks to Mobile Angular UI, the power of AngularJS is extended to mobile devices whereby they are optimized to seamlessly integrate with other mobile UI frameworks like Bootstrap.

With these skills, a MEAN stack developer is able to build an app that can perform on equal measure whether on a desktop or a mobile device.

Reduce Redundancies

Traditional development procedures couldn’t handle the complexities surrounding large development projects. This is because large projects involve multiple lines of code making it almost impossible to determine what a particular code segment does.

With a MEAN stack developer, all this shouldn’t be a problem as AngularJS uses modules. Through their experience, these professionals are able to develop a modular programming approach that embraces the benefits that come with AngularJS. Your codes will be segmented, profiled, and referenced reducing the problem of a mix-up or even repeating of a similar code.

Can Help Create a MVP Before the Actual Project

A minimum viable product (MVP) in development is a new product i.e web or mobile app, designed with minimum but sufficient features enough to be deployed for initial customer’s reactions.

It is important to note that having an e-commerce platform does not automatically mean that your customers will love it. As such, you can choose to create a MVP, deploy it to a small number of customers, and use their feedback to create a fully-fledged final product.

Since MEAN stack development includes isomorphic development whereby its possible to reuse libraries, a MEAN stack developer can rapidly build a prototype design for your e-commerce platform. And given their experience in both front-end and back-end techniques, they will always help improve the product’s design.

Keeps Your System Running Smooth

AngularJS is a framework. This translates into multiple moving parts behind the scenes. 

However, AngularJS veils all these moving parts within the logic circuitry using simple APIs allowing developers to strictly focus on the functionality of the system. 

This demarcation of the code and the user’s code may present a challenge to developers in terms of debugging. However, using AngularJS, developers are able to overcome this by unit testing individual parts of your software to iron out any bugs. 

Provide Technical Assistance

Unless you are an experienced developer, your MEAN stack developer will always chip in by advising the development team. This significantly reduces the time and costs associated with technology docking and team communication. 

Final Thoughts

Although there are both pros & cons of mean stack development, the benefits far outweigh the downsides.  This technology gives your development team a modern web development approach. And thanks to the single-page applications(SPAs), your e-commerce store visitors don’t have to keep refreshing the website pages. These together with the above-mentioned benefits should be enough reasons to convince you that hiring a MEAN stack developer for your e-commerce project is an absolute necessity.

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The Formula to Leveling Up Your Life

The Formula to Leveling Up Your Life

WOW! 100 Episodes! How exciting is it that we’ve reached 100 episodes. It has truly been a journey and I am so happy to be doing this with you. This podcast has become my favorite thing to do…why? Because I’m able to learn from some of the worlds top performers.

So, in this episode I decided to bring you my first solo episode and share with you the common things that all of my guests do in order to level up their life! I’m so incredibly excited to have reached the milestone, if you like what you’ve heard so far click the subscribe button, tell a friend and let’s enjoy the next 100 episodes together.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The why behind the podcast
  • Top 5 Common Things everyone does to level up
  • How you can implement this in your life

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Top Requirements to Consider When Purchasing A Gaming Laptop

Being a gamer, you know how important your laptop’s performance is for gameplay. Not only will it limit how well you do in the game, but its specs may bar you completely from accessing certain games. As you know, these are every gamer’s nightmare. Thankfully, they can easily be avoided with the tips given below.

It all comes down to your decision when purchasing. If you’re looking to buy yourself one, you need to make sure you’re getting your hands on a laptop that comes with the best possible gaming experience for its price. Now, to make sure of this, you must keep a few things in mind. In this article, we’ll be discussing all of that, making it possible for you to have an amazing gaming experience. 

What Is Your Price?

Your budget is one of the most important things to think of when you’re looking to purchase a gaming laptop. Why? Because it gives you an idea of how much you’ll be able to spend. When you know how much you’re dishing out, you know which laptops you should focus on. This will allow you to narrow down the best models from the assortment present. Thankfully, there are many budget gaming laptops that offer an experience on par with their premium counterparts. So you don’t have to spend a lot of money.

Keep in mind that their price is never set in stone. Throughout the year, this will fluctuate, allowing gamers to purchase the laptop when it’s at its lowest. So, when is this? They’re at their lowest after the Christmas season, usually in early January due to drop in demand as well as during Black Friday. During this time, the prices of goods drastically fall. Thankfully, it’s not just celebrated in America as many retailers across the globe have follow the practice, using it to boost sales. 

How Fast Is Your  Processor?

How well your laptop performs depends on the CPU inside it.  Some games have a higher intensity compared to others. Those that are higher will be harder for your computer to process, especially if it has a CPU that isn’t the best. This is why you need to look for a laptop with the best available processor for your budget. It also is good to keep in mind that the minimum CPU speed to play the highest intensity game as of now is  1.73MH0z. 

Obviously, the best option would be to go for an i7 processor, specifically quad-core. Unfortunately, this may be too expensive for you, so you’d have to look for an i5 or i3. Of course, the i5 works much faster than i3 processors, so keep this in mind as well.

Although you’ll be splurging more, think of a premium processor as an investment. You may not need to upgrade for years due to its high-quality endurance; thus, saving you money in the long run. 

How Easily How Can You Control Your Character?

You may find yourself with the best laptop which has amazing software, but what about your hardware? It’s lacking. Any gamer would testify to how important the ease of their keyboard is for an excellent gaming experience. Obviously, you can’t control your character without the keyboard, and if it isn’t easy to use, you may find yourself constantly making the wrong movements. This would ultimately lead you to become fed up with the game.

So, remember to test keyboards comfortably before your purchase. Moreover,  a general rule to keep in mind is that a keyboard with a 2mm depth is the standard for gaming as of now. 

How Good Is Your GPU?

What makes a gaming computer a “gaming” computer, and not a regular one is the capacity of its graphics processing unit or GPU. Regular laptops and PCs don’t have an in-depth graphics system to deal with the intense visuals of certain games.  Fortunately, gaming laptops do, and certain systems are better than others. Without an appropriate GPU, your computer would not be able to process the visuals, so you would have to brace yourself for immense lagging.

The consensus is that the NVIDIA Geforce GTX is the best GPU in laptops at the moment. 

How Powerful Is Your RAM?

RAM, although not as important as your GPU and CPU, is still vital for gameplay. It helps determine how fast your laptop will run, thus allowing the smoothness of your performance. Make sure you get a laptop with the best possible RAM. Of course, 8GB is your best bet and will leave you with a great performance, if you have an equally good GPU and CPU. If not, 2GB is the minimum RAM you should look for.

How Big Is Your Screen?

As you can imagine, the size of your screen is vital for your experience. You must keep this in mind when you’re looking for a laptop as this may make or break your performance. Look for a laptop that has a screen larger than 12 inches, if not you won’t comfortably be able to play. Your best choice would be to make sure that it’s at least 17 inches. 

Moreover, its resolution is also important. The higher it is, the easier it would be for you to immerse yourself in the game,  allowing you to perform better. This is why 4k resolution is the best, but it may not be affordable due to its steep price.

Fortunately, gaming laptops are well-known for having better quality screens than their PC counterparts so you’ll really be getting a bang for your buck. 

How Good Is Your Sound Quality?

Your computer’s sound quality isn’t really necessary for gaming, but many would prefer a laptop with marvelous sound as it contributes to the immersive experience. This does not just boost your entertainment levels, but will ultimately increase your productivity as you’re more likely to be invested in what’s happening. 

If you have a sound system that works great, remember you’d need equally amazing headphones to match it.

So, if you take the above into consideration, you’ll find yourself the best possible gaming laptop. Of course, there are many brands and options to choose from, so have fun!

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What If You Got The Opportunity To Start Over?

We all get the opportunity to start over. Take yours.

What If You Got The Opportunity To Start Over? – Motivational Video

 fearless-google-play fearless-motivation-amazon_mp3_logo

Download or Stream the speech now, on iTunes, Spotify, Apple MusicGoogle Music, DeezerAmazonMP3 or MP3 Download Anywhere In The World
What If You Got The Opportunity To Start Over? – Motivational Video (Motivational Speech) – Lyrics, Music, Speech: Copyright: Fearless Motivation
Speakers: Chris Ross
, Tyrone Stokes

What If You Got The Opportunity To Start Over? – Motivational Video – Motivational Speech by Fearless Motivation – WATCH FREE:

Transcript – What If You Got The Opportunity To Start Over? | Fearless Motivation

What if you got the opportunity to start over? 

To go back.

To learn from every mistake, to scrape every lesson from your past, and start with a clean state.

What would you do differently?

What lessons have you learned in your past, and how would you apply them if you could start over?

What if you had another opportunity, to do better, to be better… would you take it?

Well, you get that opportunity every day.
 We all get that opportunity every day. 

It’s called WAKING UP. 

Every day you wake up is a blessing and you should never take that blessing for granted.

Which means you let GO of your PAST and FOCUS on NOW. RIGHT NOW. What are you going to do right NOW to create a better FUTURE for yourself?

What PLANS are you going to make NOW, for today and in the future to ensure this NEW VERSION of you is better than the last?

Will your FUTURE self be proud of you?
 Will your TOMORROW-SELF be proud of you, by the work you do TODAY, by the PERSON you are today?

You have to EARN that future pride. 
If you’re not putting in the work today, your FUTURE will pay the price.

Let go of WHO YOU WERE if you don’t you’ll never know who you TRULY CAN BE. 

Let go of WHO YOU WERE and FOCUS on who you WILL BECOME.

Every morning you wake up, remind yourself that you have another opportunity to experience your GREATEST day. 

Another opportunity to push yourself. 
Another opportunity to set an example. 
Another opportunity to LEARN something that will make YOU BETTER. 

Another opportunity to ENJOY the day, 
to enjoy other people… to enjoy life.

You are blessed to get the opportunity of LIFE… make the most of it.



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The Real Repercussions Of Speeding Tickets

Speed tickets are dreadful and you’ll want to do your best to avoid them. Not only are they expensive but they’re also going to send your insurance rates higher. They can also have an impact on homeowner’s insurance and your life insurance as well. The impact of speeding tickets is immense. Thankfully, there are several things you can do to avoid problems. For starters, you can try slowing down. Don’t speed and you won’t get a ticket. Simultaneously, you should try contesting the ticket or enrolling in a defensive driving course to limit the impacts. You shouldn’t have to rush to appointments. Get up earlier and plan ahead.

As long as you do that, you’ll be able to arrive on time without needing to floor it. Speeding is risky and increases the chances that you’re going to get into an accident. Suffice to say, you should obey the laws and remain under the limits to avoid problems.

Please include attribution to Escort Radar with this graphic.


Embed This Infographic To Your Website (copy code below):

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Awaken Your Potential with Stefanos Sifandos

Awaken Your Potential with Stefanos Sifandos

Stefanos Sifandos Social media accounts has posts daily that I find myself daily wanting to screen shot and forward to everyone I know.  He has such an advanced awareness of masculine and feminine powers and how to develop a relationship that MORE than thrives.

But, HOW did Stefanos gain this insight and awareness?

It was born out of PAIN. You see Stefanos, has a history of pain and abuse in his life starting as a young child. And after experiencing his OWN rage, his own “numbing out phases”, infidelity on his part and even depression and suicidal thoughts he DECIDED that things HAD TO CHANGE AND they did.

Join in today and learn EXACTLY how Stefanos LEVELED UP and created EVERYTHING from nothing.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to stop living a facade
  • What is masculine and feminine
  • How to break out of fear
  • Why you need to be in service of others


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